The way of the Carthusians

The Regional Natural Park of Serre and the Certosa di Serra San Bruno

The Regional Natural Park of the Serre is an area located between the Sila and the Aspromonte. It contains a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. You can find animals such as roe deer, red deer, mouflon, Apennine wolf, squirrel, wild cat, wild boar, skunk, hare, etc. and there is also a rich variety of birds such as hawks and owls, the buzzard, the great tit, the red woodpecker and the green woodpecker, crows, crows, hoopoes and much more. There are also many insects and reptiles present.

The plant species of the Mediterranean bush present in the park are a broom, heather, strawberry tree, myrtle, phillyrea, cistus, mastic, holly as well as a great variety of trees such as chestnut, pine, alder, fir, etc To make this area even more magical is the Certosa di Serra San Bruno, a Carthusian monastery founded by Bruno of Cologne, who after refusing the miter and therefore the appointment as bishop, obtained a fund between Arena and Stilo given to him by Ruggero I d ‘Altavilla and decided to retire in solitude on the Calabrian Serre Plateau. Over the years, the Charterhouse has been visited by both Pope Giovanni Paolo II and Benedetto XVI. It is also hypothesized that the great Majorana physicist who died at the age of 32 took refuge in the Charterhouse (this fact repeatedly denied by the monks) and that the pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima also retired here, also denied this fact. , the result of a false journalistic scoop that confused Lennann Leroy, an American veteran of the Korean War with the one who dropped the fatal bomb. But it is well known that these places always hide mysteries and many of which have never even been discovered.

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