The secrets of the magare

What to do in Tropea and surroundings

Passionesud is not just parasailing, but a set of experiences that enhance the territory. Calabria is not just the sea, and the Corno di Calabria is not just the Costa degli Dei. The hinterland hides rich and luxuriant valleys, rivers, and hills. A hinterland is rich in history, traditions, and naturalistic wonders. This excursion is for those who love nature, ancient traditions, legends, myths, and magic. Along the way, you will be asked to turn off or mute your smartphone so as not to have distractions and to be able to connect with nature. The laboratory will introduce the methods used by the Magare (Medicine woman), ancient and modern methods. Surely an original way to spend some time on your holidays in Tropea or Calabria.

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