Parasailing triple flight

Parasailing at Sunset in Tropea - triple flight

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Parasailing in Tropea

The Costa degli Dei is famous not only for its breathtaking beauty, for the coasts and the crystal clear sea, but also for the unforgettable sunsets. Those who see these sunsets say "the most beautiful that I ever seen in my entire life". The sun going down into the sea, sometimes directly into the mouth of the Stromboli Volcano (The sunsets of Ulysses), the silhouette of the Aeolian islands in the background and sometimes Mount Etna and the Stretto di Messina, make this part of the world unique and spectacular. The warm light of the sunset that varies from fiery red to pink to fade to purple, depending on the conditions, makes these sunsets different from each other, therefore unique.

Family Parasailing in Tropea

Friends parasailing at sunset

An experience to share with the family, something that your children will always remember with awe and wonder. A unique moment to give to your family.

A fun and unique experience, a parasail flight over the sea in Tropea, among friends, in the warm light of the sunset, unforgettable, to film and tell.

Romantic parasailing flight?

Romantic parasailing flight? Book your parasail flight for two at sunset!

Parasailing At Sunset

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