Guided Tour of Vibo Castle

Although known as a Swabian-Norman castle, the castle of Vibo Valentia (the ancient name of the town was Hipponion or Monteleone) was not built at the time of Ruggero I but at the time of Federico II. Later it was enlarged by the Angioini (13th century). Damaged by the terrible earthquake of 1783 which destroyed several municipalities in Calabria, and due to this cataclysm the second floor was completely destroyed becouse not safe. Today it houses the State Archaeological Museum, named after Count Vito Capialbi, a scholar and archaeologist of the area

Everything on display comes from the excavations carried out in the city and in its territory since 1921 from the first research carried out by Paolo Orsi. Alongside these finds we find those from the Capialbi, Cordopatri and Albanese collections. The Museum’s collections are organized in chronological order: from prehistory (on the first floor) to the Greek age (ground floor and first floor) to the Roman and medieval period (ground floor).

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